Coronet - Episode 2: Unity by Chris Boyce

Summary: This time we're opening in New York where we'll meet some old friends - but slightly younger than they were in the series - in some respects this is a 'prequel' to the TV series.
Rating: General Audiences [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar
Category: Juliet Stuart (Dark Skies)
Characters: Frank Bach, Juliet Stuart, OFC(s), OMC(s), Phil Albano
Genre: Scifi
Pairing: None
Story Type: Snippet
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Status: Yes
Words: 10434 Views: 21500
Published: March 17, 2008 Updated: March 17, 2008

Story Notes:

Note from Administration:

I believe the writer of this story, Chris Boyce, has passed away (if indeed the Chris Boyce who wrote this is the scifi author Chris Boyce which by judging by e-mail addresses is true). This story has only been available on one  place AFAIK, the Dark Skies fanfic site Chris Boyce started on freehost website. The Dark Skies fandom is for all intents and purposes dead except for my Dark Skies site, and I decided to archive it here on this site because I feared it would be partially or completely lost. It is too good of a story, told by a talented writer, to suffer that fate.

I'm making no profit by posting this story here, nor do I make any claims on it. I'm simply posting it for other Jeri Ryan and Dark Skies fans for reading. 

1. Chapter 1 by Chris Boyce [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (10434 words)

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Coronet - Episode 2: Unity by Chris Boyce General Audiences
This time we're opening in New York where we'll meet some old friends...

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